Stoll & Wachall duo enjoying visual kinetics

November 4, 2008

Back to the Platform of Young Choreographers! I still have some unfinished thoughts on stuff I saw back than…

While I was at the presentation of video installation with excerpts of dance piece MISCHAderFALL, choreographed by Bernard Baumgarten and re-mixed by video artists Stoll & Wachall because of the atmospheric mood and drone sounds I had a re-re-re-thinking echo several days after I saw it.

Photo: Stoll&Wachall (c) from Mit Allen Fünf Fingern Der Augen

An echo that is connected with dance and video art… video art, the obstinate grandchild of cinematic arts…

I just stood there, in the gallery (there were two visitors with me…), drowned into atmosphere which was very ambient…

Photo: Jacqueline Wachall (c) from MISCHAderFALL

Stoll & Wachall are duo of two female artists whose interests are outspreaded in many forms of visual art: video and performance art, contemporary dance and photography, cross section performative concepts combined with installation and media art.

From Das-Infektion performance, Stoll & Wachall (c)

Klaudia Stoll and Jacqueline Wachall both graduated painting at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar (HBKsaar). In 1997 they founded the artist duo Stoll&Wachall. They also work as performance lecturers at HBKsaar, as well as teachers for freehand-drawing at the Faculty of Architecture (HTW Saarbrücken).

From Eros – Life Instinct, Stoll & Wachall (c)

Stoll & Wachall so far presented their artworkz at numerous international exhibitions, video and performance art related festivals. They’ve won many awards and artist-in-residence programmes, just to name a few here: SAARSTIP for Fine Arts, Casa Baldi, L’ Accademia Tedesca Villa Massimo, etc.

Photo from Electro Junkies performance, Stoll & Wachall (c)

The correct way, if I may say so, to characterise them best would be to say that Stoll & Wachall are media performers. Art critics find them as artists who ‘design an interdisciplinary collective dialog between the consciousness of the real body and a media generated virtual reality.’

Photo: Private Collections, Stoll & Wachall (c)

Passionate in kinetics and the balance of body movements this duo has found its way in a multidisciplinary art approach with one very simple thought in the centre: The Body.

Photo: Private Collections, Stoll & Wachall (c)

But as you already know, the simplest thingz are more often the perpetuators of something bigger and stronger, usually not immediately seen in front of the arena…

From Control Your Body installation, Stoll & Wachall (c)

The body that rules… the physics of the movements… moving body in its stillness… the geometry of body… body as the architecture… body as an obstacle… body as holder of many geographies… the meanings of the body… body-ism… the body!

Photo: Stoll&Wachall (c) from Mit Allen Fünf Fingern Der Augen

Stoll & Wachall are modern cartographers of the body… mapping and reinventing all possible layers of our corpuses (as Jan Fabre likes to call it).

Photo: Stoll&Wachall (c) from Mit Allen Fünf Fingern Der Augen

I find irresistible the combination they use: photographic aestheticism combined with the masculine beauty of expressed body through movements with strong relation to contemporary society and its absurdities.

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