Balkan Fibre Art ’08 – gallery ll

January 9, 2009

During the Balkan Fibre Art Nena Skoko, also one of the main initiators of the whole event, made an intriguing work called ‘Seven Women’s Days’. On the first level it’s humoristic and provoking, but it also reveals some of the crucial elements in female nature – the period is not just a physical process, it also functions on psychological and emotional sphere.


By observing the size and colors of stains on the sanitary pad, a woman sees deeper changes that at some point come on the surface – stress factors, emotional state, the amount of exhaustion, age…

Another very interesting aspect of  ‘Seven Women’s Days’ is social provocation. For a ‘normal’ woman on the Balkans to speak out loud about the period or to buy sanitary towels without a little sense of shame, is considered abnormal, impolite and unfeminine. To openly show blood stains on a pad is a total subversion of public taste. That’s why she has a special place here!








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