Balkan Fibre Art ’08 – gallery lV

February 17, 2009

The title: ‘monday, august 11, 8:45 p.m.’ This is the name of work created by  Gordana Olujic during the workshop.


‘Here are my thoughts while planning this series (the idea was to create a sequence of a number of pictures, but during the BFA there was time only for one element…)

-on the theme ‘body in contemporary context’ my first idea was the relationship between the body and new technologies, and I had some experiences with thermography that I found very interesting;

– I was interested in the possibility of seeing body in a different way that was not present before specific technology was discovered;

– the series is based on thermografic picture of my palm (precisely on pictures processed by Photo Booth program of Mac) and presents a sequence that goes from completely recognizable individual palm to the abstract, depersonalized one, presented through fields of color; in ideal case the picture would really be thermografic, but something like that is not available for realization;

– the theme of human hand and/or gesture is something that I use in my work, especially because it is equally individualistic and personal;

– precise time code is an insinuation of constantly present records of time, that in digital form accompany us more then ever, and time as dimension/factor is also very often a subject in my work.’

Gordana Olujic








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