Pizza in Auschwitz

March 5, 2009

Moche Zimmerman’s documentary ‘Pizza in Auschwitz’ was one of those surprises of Zagreb Dox‘s competition programme, coz I haven’t expected such a ‘Holocaust Big Brother episode’.

This film is great example of documentary cinematography that covers the whole scale of human behaviour when confronted with issues based on different personal histories packed jointly with the generation gap.


For a documentary about concentration camps, Pizza in Auschwitz contains a whole lot of jokes. The title already suggests the tone of the film. And the jokes are painful ones that are true. For Danny Hanoch, jokes have become the only way he can deal with the past. Along these lines, he claims to have a “PhD in Auschwitz” and refers to the annual remembrance day as “the high season.” But he has said these things so many times by now that the wink that comes with them has long since disappeared.

Auschwitz.jpgAuschwitz-Birkenau, photo: AP Photo/CAF

Pizza in Auschwitz is the story of a man who survived five concentration camps and has finally managed to convince his kids to visit the camp with him. The goal of the trip is to spend a night in Auschwitz in the same barracks where Hanoch once slept.


Instead of depicting the many silent witnesses of the horrors that took place at the camp, which is what directors usually do, filmmaker Moshe Zimmerman concentrates on the chaotic trip to get there. The result is a film about the Hanoch family as it deals with all the misery from the past, managing to get by in spite of it. A film full of sadness and self-mockery, and one that’s about the here and now instead of history.(synopsis taken from

Pizza-in-Auschwitz-4_1.jpgPhoto: oshani (c)

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