Numen – experimenting with light and glass

April 2, 2009

Design Company Numen is mostly known for minimalistic furniture and experiments in the fields of stage design. They’re widely recognized as scenographers  for acclaimed theater director Tomaz Pandur.

Numen_Light_1.jpgPhoto: Numen (c)

The oddity of their artwork ’Numen / light’ is the fact that it was, firstly, designed as unfinished installation for the St Etienne Biennial,  and then radically redeveloped  as stage solution for Dante’s Divine Comedy (under Pandur’s direction, sure) at Teatro Maria Guerrero in Madrid.

Lately, the box started to ‘live’ on its own, out of performative context, but getting more and more layers. So, what’s that all about?

Numen_light_2.jpgPhoto: lomodeedee (cc)

‘Numen / light’ is a box created from ‘spy glass’ which characteristics are endless mirroring and ‘see through’ optics combined and connected with CCLF lighting. Spy glass is regularly in use at police stations when lining up suspects; and in the peep shows.

Using it in a way they do, surely, gives a special aesthetic form to material that is already improved in its structure, but creates significant visual meanings.

Numen_light3.jpgPhoto: lomodeedee (cc)

At the other side, created as a pocket version of infinite space dimensions and with the simplicity of its construction technique, all together makes the cube even more attractive.

Numen_light6.jpgPhoto: Numen (c)

Numen designers played along with the structural and geometrical form, and along with this line, they created several versions that differ from each other: Deforming Cube (made from flexible acrylic mirror), Divided Cube (with fragmented surfaces), Membran Cube, Trapezium, Tetrahedron and Ocrahedron.

Numen_light5.jpgPhoto: Numen (c)

‘Numen / For Use’ Company were founded by Nikola Radeljkovic and Sven Jonke. They met while studying design in Zagreb, realizing that they share the same ideas. After graduation, Sven Jonke went to study in Vienna, where he met the third member of collective, Christoph Katzler. The company is formally based in Vienna, but their default working route is somewhere between Spain – Italy – Austria – Slovenia and Croatia.

Numen_light4.jpgPhoto: lomodeedee (cc)

’Numen / light’ project is a modern kaleidoscope of lighting and visual perception seeking for desired space infinity…

p.s. i would gladly ‘steal’ this artwork if I could… this is a wonderful thing… just kiddin’…
p.s.1. if I would have to pick up the sound compatible with Numen / light installation, that would be definitely the sound of waterphone.
p.s.2. maybe it’s time to clean dust from my waterphone and slightly scare my neighborhood with its lovely sound…

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