Patrizia Dona and her wearable typewriter

April 7, 2009

Seeing Patrizia Dona’s fashionable and wearable writing accessories from the collection ‘Hommage a Remington’ in the series ‘Objects to wear’ have made an embellishing impact on me.

At first I just thought that she’s an Italian artists living in Amsterdam, but then I saw that she studied the History of Art and Ethnology in Zagreb, and later Fashion Design at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Anyway, she would get this review, even if she would be from cold Pluto, so let’s start.

Patrizia_Dona.jpgPhoto:  Bag ‘Hommage a Remington’ by Patrizia Dona (c)

Patrizia Dona is a fashion designer with specific aesthetic and language. She’s trying to dissuade dilemmas on what is happening with our self representative body ( particularly the skin, but also with the psyche) in the age of wide outspreaded techno-alienation.

Of course, I’m jumping immediately on digital barricades to defend technology in today’s communicational chain over the web. The real problem is when you become a passive user. The essence of technology usage is to make devices workable for you exclusively, which is OK to me. What isn’t OK is when people are misinterpreting it, which is a one way ticket to laziness and being out of focus.

Patrizia_Dona_1.jpgPhoto: Patrizia Dona (c)

Probably you are now slightly confused what all that have in common with an old well preserved typewriter?! Follow my path…

Patrizia Dona is interested in showing how our bodies, therefore fashion too, have become instrumented due to cosmetics industry, celebrity media, plastic surgeries, ’cause_you_are_the_shopper_of_the_month’ point of view and similar social phenomena of our society.

Patrizia_Dona_2.jpgSouvenirs d’ Enfance by Patrizia Dona (c)

Her collections could be described as a sort of modern nostalgia apparels; it’s an artisan’s wish to re-evaluate historic tools and ‘nice things from our past’ in order to re-examine and compare today’s position of (re)marked bodies and objects.

All exhibited artworkz from Objects to wear cycle have this aura of past, slightly being steampunkish, but they are functioning in new surroundings, in its new functions and even, somewhat ready to be transformed in the future in some new object.

Patrizia_Dona_3.jpgVitrines by Patrizia Dona (c)

The catalogue of Zagreb Salon describes her artworks in the following manner: ‘As the very name reveals, the collection consists of objects to wear, inspired and made of ready-mades or their segments. The accessory collection Hommage a Remington was inspired by fascination with the highly aesthetical and complex mechanical object – the Remington typewriter. It is one of the earliest brands of typewriters, dating from 1874.’

Patrizia_Dona_4.jpgBag ‘Hommage a Remington’ by Patrizia Dona (c)

‘The collection can be viewed as a ‘work in progress’, a process in which each part of the machinery is reused, recycled with an implicit or explicit intent. The result of that process will be ‘objects to wear,’ some of which will be fully functional (wearable). In the process of deconstruction / reconstruction, these objects lose their original function and shape, gaining a completely new identity as they are placed in a new contrast.’

Patrizia_Dona_5.jpgBag ‘Hommage a Remington’ by Patrizia Dona (c)

Although, all objects are made from leather and cold materials, what attracted me so much was this sense for fragility that I haven’t expected, sort of wounded machines… in constant reshaping…

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