Des Prairies… catching the last flight…

April 28, 2009

If you’re sitting now on some airport, than maybe you will notice that some passengers are actually dancing in the crowd…

If this is not happening in front of your eyes, then you will need to read my blog post today…

des_prairies.jpgPhoto: Compaigne Des Prairies (c)

Several weeks ago I saw a film ‘View on the sea – Choreographic tour of Santos Dumont Airport’ by Des Prairies Company, I thought that would be a perfect way to celebrate Dance Day here, in my playground…

This film is, actually, a document of the project they did for the Riocenacontempranea Performance Arts Festival (2005) in Rio de Janeiro.

Des Prairies explore all ways of conditioned movements due to reasons connected with the architectural space, environment and social predetermination. Most of their performances / actions are site-specific projects, exploring the cohabitation with space histories, opening the process to a certain discourse in dependence of the ‘route’ performers are ‘reading’ from it or predisposed movements.

des_prairies_2.jpgPhoto: Compaigne Des Prairies (c)

The collective was founded in 1998 by Julie Desprairies whose idea was to discover communicational norms and etiquettes within certain urban landscapes tracing at the same time new patterns in bodily expressiveness.

The company is very often on residential programmes what makes their choreographic vocabulary wider and in complete co-existence with lands, cities, buildings, streets, walls… of different background stories…

des_prairies_3.jpgPhoto: Compaigne Des Prairies (c)

Every building has its own story, therefore every body makes different story in correlation to that… Hence, and you can ignore the archaeological aspect and vocabulary when describing their artworkz.

‘In the last few years we had the opportunity to meet the collective at some highly frequented spaces, such as park La Villete, Villeurbanne living complex, or modernist airport Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro. With it we travel to not-so-visible porcelain manufactures (de Serves), Vosges saw-mill, flour storages on the Paris coasts of Seine.’

des_prairies_4.jpgPhoto: Compaigne Des Prairies (c)

‘For the whole time, projects in situ, choreographed environments, small interventional forms and performative exhibitions inscribed into a specific contextual tissue are being created.’ (Ivana Mestrov)

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