Fancy Homes

May 25, 2009

Fancy Homes is a web project by artists Nikolina Ivezic and Nenad Laktasic where they’re exploring how far can we go when treating pets and making from them also a sort of a branded product perfectly suitable for branded owner in his/hers branded clothes while having a significant public (branded, too) appearance…

Ivezic and Laktasic created architecture for animals by using the same patterns and construction techniques as if they would built a house for humans with elements of camp art.

fancy_house_1.jpgDoggy House by Nikolina Ivezic & Nenad Laktasic (c)

Artists didn’t want to create houses with functionality but perfect mini replicas of representative buildings of modern and contemporary architecture.

For now, they offer houses only for dogs, snakes and birds made from glass or oak. But there is also a plentiful set of home accessories such as carpets (in several colors), lighting, wallpapers, feeder, etc…

fancy_houses.jpgBird House by Nikolina Ivezic & Nenad Laktasic (c)

‘Our pet houses feature modern variable layouts, providing numerous options in terms of customized development of your garden or decoration of your apartment. This collection of houses is characterized by uncompromisingly simple design, yet it demonstrates pronounced stylistic awareness while applying high-quality materials. Particular attention has been given to the most exquisite workmanship. This terrarium is a P. Johnson Glass house replica, comprising a combination of alloy steel and satin glass’.

Snake House by Nikolina Ivezic & Nenad Laktasic (c)

‘Bring a bit of nature into your pet’s home through wallpapers of modern design. Captivating floral motifs with ornamental, almost decorative graphic design elements, including feathers, trees or birds traced by lines or surfaces, contrast their neutral snow-white background.’

fancy_wall.jpgFancy Homes by Nikolina Ivezic & Nenad Laktasic (c)

Nikolina Ivezic
(1972) graduated painting at the Academy of Fine Art in Zagreb. Her works were exhibited till now at more then 30 solo and group exhibitions. She is inspired by pop art, kitsch, popular culture and comics. Nenad Laktasic (1967) is architect from Zagreb.

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