Visions – Red

June 7, 2009

Here’s a small peek into the fashion exhibition ‘Visions – Red’ I visited recently in the ULUPUH Gallery. It was dedicated to the theme of red color in visions of Croatian fashion designers.

I saw several installations that I really, really liked; and I wanna share it with you, dear readers. All exhibited authors are members of ULUPUH’s Department for Fashion Design and some of them,  scenographers.

ruza_hodak.jpgRuza Hodak: J-Ronin (c); photo: lomodeedee (cc)

Visions – Red presented artoworkz by Dzenisa Pecotic, Nada Dosen, Ivana Zozoli, Kristina Sepetavc, Ruza Hodak, Natasa Jeletic, Alida Mezic, Vesna Kovacic Novak, Renata Svetic, Tihana Miksa Perkovic, Matea Banoza Blazevic, Milena Rogulj, Branka Donassy, Snjezana Vego, Oliver Jularic , Jadranka Hlupic-Dujmusic and Adrijana Subotic-Pjajcik. Curated by Ana Ledvaj.

Tihana_Miksa_Perkovic.jpgTihana Miksa Perkovic: One Crv (c); photo: lomodeedee (cc)

Ana Ledvaj ‘weaved’ the whole concept from the following aspects: ‘The power of this color was so strong that historians, anthropologists, philosophers, painters, designers… frequently do not allow any other colour to be called by the name of a color at all. The color? The color of red! It is as old as human kind, it is the color of blood…’

‘The history of red is the history fire and blood, The history of positive and negative meanings, shaped by the plus or the minus, that is, by the prefix given to the color of red. Just like the color itself, its prefix is light-based. It is more positive if the color has more light, as put forward by color theoreticians.’

ruza_hodak_2.jpgRuza Hodak: J-Ronin (c); photo: Danko Vucinovic (c)

‘The color owes its existence to light. Its physical interpretation is a sensory experience surfacing between light and darkness, white and black. This is the range in which the polarity of its meanings occurs, an infinite set of meanings.’

‘Visions – Red, dedicated to the color of red and thus focus their artistic response on the challenge of the meaning of red in terms of gender / sex. Red is a color of creation, the color charged with the strongest energy and symbolism among colors. Red has a special role in the division of power, on the scale of good and evil, in development of the gender/sexual identity, and is always connected with clothing and clothing design. It was interesting to see how it affects development of the identity and power distribution. The responses were expressed through intuition, impulse, exploration, visual art and fashion.’ (text from the catalog)

milena_rogulj.jpgMilena Rogulj: We Have to Love Each Other; photo: Danko Vucinovic (c)

I was particularly thrilled with installation and design made by Ruza Hodak. She made a shirt from red fabric accompanied with powerful belt and totally experimental ‘waistcoat’ made from numerous zippers rolled in cones. At first I couldn’t figure out those were actually zippers, cause they look so different, especially as a costume.

Milena Rogulj also did a great piece, obviously inspired by Bauhaus, entitled We Have to Love Each Other.

vesna_kovacic_novak.jpgVesna Kovacic Novak: Red Balance(c); photo: lomodeedee (cc)

A piece that also grabbed my attention was waistcoat with felt ‘Red Balance’, designed by Vesna Kovacic Novak which was a part of the whole installation that is exploring connections between the fabric and metal.

All exhibited artworkz are designers’ newest productions from year 2009.

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