Remade – Art Servis 2 workshop

August 18, 2009

Our guest blogger Ivana will have a vibrant Autumn, fulfilled with textile and fibre art. After her successful participating and blogging on last year’s textile colony Balkan Fibre Art in Novi Sad, we have new exciting news to share with you.


Punctum for art experiment (Punkt za umetnicki eksperiment), in cooperation with the Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Serbia, are organizing open workshop Remade-Art Servis 2. The workshop will be held 1-15 September in Belgrade, and the workshop guest is artist and art historian Ivana Podnar from Zagreb, Croatia.

Ivana Podnar is known for re-composing her clothes repeating the process and therefore transforming one piece of clothes to final limits of usability of initial material.


Artists from the group Women with embroidery and Ivana Podnar will be leading open workshop within which they’ll be making new objects – shirts from material: different kinds of socks that’ll be brought by citizens for this occasion.

We’re inviting everybody interested to join us and bring unwanted wool and cotton tights, stockings, socks that we’re going to use for creation of shirts for you.


The author of the project is Nena Skoko, textile and visual artist from Belgrade, Serbia.

Duration: 1-15 September from 12:00-17:00
Mala galerija ULUPUDS
Uzun Mirkova 12

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