E-learning: Electronic Embroidery

September 12, 2009

Time to learn some new skill in the fields of textile art and electronic geekery for girlz (boyz could jump in, too!)… Learning basics of Electronic Embroidery, LED Robot Embroidery and¬† the usage of LilyPad Arduino¬† with Becky Stern and Diana Eng is gonna be smooth and creative… very cool, geek-ish and chic at the same time…

embroideredmrislice.jpgPhoto: Embroidered MRI slices by B. Stern taken from Craftzine (c)

Let’s do some cool embroidery here…

Electronic Embroidery by Becky Stern

LED Robot Embroidery by Diana Eng

LilyPad Arduino Embroidery by Becky Stern

Practice example: LilyPad Arduino Embroidery by Becky Stern

The End

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