Swedish short dance films online

October 13, 2009

During the recently ended Platform of Young Choreographers within the official programme were presented films from the selection of Swedish short dance films entitled Dance Screen Sweden — the New Mix.

swedish_dance_films.jpgExcerpt from Erika Janunger’s film Weightless (c)

‘Swedish dance has for many years been internationally recognized with several prestigious awards. Dance Screen Sweden merges film and dance into a modern form of creative art, a field in which Sweden has excelled. The short films have been increasingly popular over the last ten years and they introduce new ways of working with form, composition, rhythm, light and sound. ‘

Some participating choreographers include: Pontus Lidberg, Bogdan Szyber & Carina Reich, Gunilla Heilborn and Christina Caprioli. Among the photographers and producers are Mårten Nilsson, Ralph Evers and Jonas Åkerlund. (Read more: www.dancefilmsassn.org)

‘Centring on people, movement and time, dance films convey an unrivalled sense of the modern age. This selection of films presents choreographers, dancers and directors currently working in Sweden, each of whom exploit the artistic scope offered by new dance cinema in a unique way. They blend the transience of dance with the intimacy of film, experiment with the plastic dynamics of movement and montage, and explore both rhythm and visuality. Here, aesthetic expression rooted in the modern era takes the form of realism, absurdism and avant-gardism. Everything is possible!’ (Belgrade Dance Screen)

So, what’s the whole fuss about?! Well, the great news is that four of them could be viewed online fully, and one only in excertps!  Go there: www.sweden.se

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