Body cinema: Amelia by La La La Human Steps

November 27, 2009

La La La Human Steps is one of those companies that always left me speechless… Powerful and strong… I find Edouard Locke‘s aesthetic and choreography from the 80’s unsurpassed in many ways even today…  From time to time when I’m really down and tired, I simply go to You Tube  and watch excerpts from Infante c’est destroy (excerpt 1 and 2), Human Sex and New Demons with Louise Lecavalier, simply stunning dancer…

amelia_lalala_human_steps.jpgAmelia by La La La Human Steps (c)

Amelia explores the use of point technique using extended intertwining solos, complex partnering sequences and extreme speed to generate powerful performances with unexpected moments of tender emotion and serenity.

A portrait of today’s man and woman seen through the eyes of one of the most innovative artists of our time. Edouard Lock continues to push the limits of dance by exploring human gesture through a breathtaking interplay of speed and extremes and the flawless weaving of choreographic, musical and cinematic strands.

Lock uses intricate choreography for both camera and dancers, creating amazing and constantly shifting points of view. Trademark performances, brilliant and relentless, combined with the delicate sensual lighting of André Turpin and the minimalist environment of a giant wooden box with rounded forms that seems to have no exit, create a disturbingly exquisite and moving experience.

The original score, written by David Land for violin, cello, piano and voice, combines evocative minimalism and with lyrics from five of Lou Reed’s most famous works, created in the 60s for the Velvet Underground. (Synopsis taken from

The latest edition of DVD contains also rich additional material, like marking the 25 years of La La La Human Steps with a complete production overview, choreographer’s comments, backstage footage, etc… if you wish to order it, go here and here

Amelia, part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

The End

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