ASCIImeo by Peter Nitsch

January 20, 2010

Since all retro characters from the down of computer arts like Super Mario, Space invaders or Pacman are experiencing a real Renaissance in fashion circles and geek DIY scene, as well as in hand made craft community, I have to point out here amazing Peter Nitsch‘s project ASCIImeo


ASCIImeo is a video player which renders Vimeo videos in ASCII codes, more precisely in different text-modes… By switching to three different ASCII modes: color ascii, block and simple ascii, as a viewer you can get the more imaginative and creative image on programming and the art of mathematics. Indeed, my friendz… code is a poetry… but not everyone is able to comprehend it in a mathematical way, nor more in a dreamy variant, as I do…


On his programmed toy, Peter Nitsch said the following wordz: ‘… it’s simple and generally useless, but a ton of fun to explore. ASCII video players aren’t new, they’ve been developed on countless platforms including Flash (VLC Media Player had an ASCII filter, and even Apple released an ASCII Quicktime player). With ASCIImeo I really wanted to take advantage of the environment Flash can live in: online, interactive, and social. In the end, I think I’ve created something new from an old idea. You can be sure I’ll be rambling about this at FITC.’

asciimeo-2_1.jpgTaken from The L Magazine

His favorite videos in ASCII are awesome to watch, don’t miss this!
Metamorphosis by Glenn Marshall
Magnetic Ink by flight404
Still Run by DANTE NOU
Look At Me by Patrick Lawler

(via: today and tomorrow)

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