Body cinema: Metamorphic Rocks – Diegonante’s new video dance

January 26, 2010

Diegonante is an old friend of PCB blog… this is his third video dance within Body cinema section… his latest video features great Japanese dancer & choreographer Yuko Kaseki and Russian performer Dee Mee Tree jointly with fashion designer Sadak.


Metamorphic Rocks – A DUEL in 4 scenes
Performed by Yuko Kaseki and Dee Mee Tree
Recorded during the morning of the Nov 30 2009 and edited in January 2010
Music by Diego Agulló and Bruce Lee
Dee Mee Tree´s first costume designed by Sadak

Diego Agullo Moreno graduated philosophy in Madrid, and holds an PHD in Music aesthetics and Digital art. At the moment he lives somewhere between Berlin and Amsterdam, developing new projects at the intersections of video, dance and music. He’s the organizer of CUE Berlin, an open space for spontaneous expression and interdisciplinary improvisation.

p.s. thanks Diego!

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