25FPS interview with Edwin van der Heide

January 31, 2010

Another interview made in the production of remarkable 25FPS – International Festival of Experimental Film and Video! I’ve decided to pick up this interview exactly now because it fits perfectly to the topic from my previous post with Thomas Dumke, curator of  Dresden’s CYNETart Festival.

Photo: LSP – Laser Sound Performance, E. van den Heide (c)

Edwin van der Heide performed his artwork LSP – Laser Sound Performance during the last year’s edition of 25FPS, held in September within the programme of my favorite ‘Expanded Cinema’ concept. I have to admit that 25FPS has made a huge major step by expanding this programme after they saw the success it had during the previous edition of the festival.

‘LSP is a research trajectory exploring the relationship between sound and three dimensional image by means of laser projection. In 1815 Nathaniel Bowditch described a way to produce visual patterns by using a sine wave for the horizontal movement of a point and another sine wave for the vertical movement of that point. The shape of the patterns depends on the frequency and phase relationship of the sine waves. The patterns are known as Lissajous figures, or Bowditch curves.

LSP performed at Sónar’s Sonarama (2008)

LSP interprets Bowditch’s work as a possible starting point to develop relationships between sound and image. Since sine waves can also be used to produce pure (audible) tones, it is possible to construct a direct relationship between sound and image. Frequency ratios in sound, de-tuning and phase shifts can have a direct visual counterpart.

Photo: LSP – Laser Sound Performance, E. van den Heide (c)

Although theoretically all sounds can be seen as sums of multiple sine waves, music in general is often too complex to result in interesting visual patterns. The research of LSP focuses on the subject of composing signals that have both a structural musical quality and a time-based structural visual quality. Different relationships between sound and image are used throughout both the performance and the installation form.

LSP – alveole 14 (Laser / Sound Performance)

By combining audio with visuals the spatial perception of sound is often being reduced because of the two-dimensional nature of the image versus the three-dimensional nature of sound. With laser(s), it is possible to create three-dimensional changing environments that surround the audience. Here, the image is generated by projecting a laser on a thin layer of smoke or fog.

Image and sound originate from the same real-time generated source in the computer. This results in a performance where image and sound play equally important roles. The environment challenges the audience to change their perspective continuously.’ (Taken from www.evdh.net)

25FPS interview with Edwin van der Heide

Video by Daria Blazevic_Igor Lusic_Mario Kozina
Produced by Valentina O.

p.s. I just wanna make a small remark here regarding the website by 25FPS. One of the best Flash and WordPress implementation I’ve seen lately… because university designers still like a lot Flash, whilst internet natives CSS designers like more webby look of the site… and I was quite surprised when I saw it…

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