Body cinema: The Human Animal by Desmond Morris

February 3, 2010

Documentary series The Human Animal by ethnologist and zoologist Desmond Morris have always been magnet for wider audience. Made during the 1990’s his series (same as his books) about human body and the cultural differences are great resources which from time to time I like to watch again.

desmond_morris.jpgPhoto above by Steve Pyke (c), photo bellow taken from

‘The Human Animal: A Personal View of the Human Species is a BBC nature documentary series written and presented by Desmond Morris, first transmitted in the UK from 27 July 1994. The series was produced in associaion with Discovery Channel.

Morris describes it as “A study of human behavior from a zoological perspective.” He travels the globe, filming the diverse customs and habits of various regions while suggesting common roots.’ (taken from wiki)

The Human Animal – The Language of the Body (1994, Part One)

The Human Animal – The Hunting Ape (1994, Part Two)

The Human Animal – The Human Zoo (1994, Part Three)

The Human Animal – The Biology Of Love (1994, Part Four)

The Human Animal – The Immortal Genes (1994, Part Five)

The Human Animal – Beyond Survival (1994, Part Six)

The End

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