Barbwired by Ewelina Aleksandrowicz

February 19, 2010

Synergies among objects, bodies and entities are getting more and more interest among performers, choreographers and wearable technology creativez…

Ewelina Aleksandrowitz & Andrzej Wojtas

One project that grabbed my attention few dayz ago was ‘barbwired’ designed by Ewelina Aleksandrowicz, premiered and performed in December at the Platform 00000009 New Live Art Festival in Newcastle upon Tyne(UK).

The concept is waved around the idea that objects being in touch simply exchange electric energy, a mutual charging and shared experience based on the flow of neurons.

As I’ve mentioned above, it’s completely irrelevant whether we are talking about human bodies or objects in space as long there is some kind of relation there is always some kind of synergy, but what makes this project interesting is its performative aspect and the concept of sound.

Photo: Ewelina Aleksandrowicz, Sense (c)

Performers wearing a garment consisted of pressure sensors and conductive thread pads which are  interlaced with physical touches of the bodies and clothing produce the sound.

Photo: Ewelina Aleksandrowicz, barbwired (c)

The rhythm and ‘dramaturgy’ layers of the performance, as well as the soundscape are conditioned by the atmosphere and personal moments of the performers. Juxtaposed sounds and images of sex in contrast with ‘wired’ contact gives to the performative new layers of meanings.

Photo: Ewelina Aleksandrowicz, Sense (c)

I guess Nikola Tesla would deeply enjoy this art piece, don’t you think?! Although he has avoided physical contacts with people whole his life… bodies weren’t actually his stuff, but…

(Source: Fashioning Technology)

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