Silja Puranen fibering Barcelona!

March 15, 2010

Barcelona is in the spot – Silja Puranen is mastering with her textile art. From 18th March till 20th April, at La Galeria, you can see witty but sever perspectives on human relations of this extraordinary Finnish artist.

She’s attracting and attacking at the same time, enjoy it! Stay tuned, hopefully she’s coming at Body Pixel for a chat on world in-wrought in her textile art!


Tatooed Lady, Silja Puranen


Trained Dog, Silja Puranen

Siamese Twins, Silja Puranen


Bearded Lady, Silja Puranen


Knife Thrower, Silja Puranen


Aeralist, Silja Puranen


Without Safety, Silja Puranen

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(Ivana Podnar is contributing blogger on Body Pixel)

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