Yosuke Hayashi’s sonicode

March 16, 2010

Yosuke Hayashi‘s sonicode from 2008 was one interesting piece of software that I saw at Device_art 3.009, too.

sonicode by Yosuke Hayashi taken from Kontejner

Yosuke Hayashi (1982) has earned his MA in Media creations at the Institute for Advanced Media Arts and Sciences. At the moment he works as interaction and graphic designer at Mode 2 inc. in Tokyo.

sonicode by Yosuke Hayashi taken from Kontejner

Yosuke Hayashi says that ‘sonicode is an application software that changes text into sound. Having made some application software for musical performance, I wanted to play it in real-time, manipulate it intuitively. And in a process only the computer can do.’


‘How is it possible to manipulate intuitively? I simulated the interface of other applications. Generally speaking, it is a strange connection when text turns into sound. But I do this active wrong connection.’

sonicode taken from Yosuke Hayashi’s flickr

‘At first, I started to research the user interface. There are a lot of interfaces around us and we have to learn too many things to use them. I insist on not standardizing interfaces, rather finding creativity in a balance between variation and consistency.’

‘I investigated trends in interface design, and insist on a design model that is flexible and based on computer architecture. Donald Norman’s “Conceptual Model” has provided a hint for this. I think that a musical workstation’s interface or data manipulation affects the way of making sound and situation by the same approach. Then I analyze some expressions of why this kind of works appears or is needed.’

sonicode by Yosuke Hayashi taken from Kontejner

‘The text used in sonicode has two roles. Its meaning and shape affect sound and operation. Dismantling the complex application and rebuilding a new application is an effective way of learning the computer system and getting back flexibility and creativity.’ (text taken from Kontejner)

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