Wired bodies, sounds and images…

March 19, 2010

‘A Small Contribution to the Genesis of Everyday Life’ (2008) by Slovene media artists Nika Autor and Miha Ciglar deals with the complexity of relations between bodies, sounds and images as wired islands…

Nika Autor and Miha Ciglar, photo taken from Kontejner

‘It’s a performative piece for two, where both performers are constitutive parts of the audovisual instrument they play on.’

Nika Autor and Miha Ciglar, photo taken from Kontejner

‘They are both electrically connected to the instruments’ electronic network so the audio and the video signals which are projected to the audience run through both their bodies in their primary (electric) form. Sound is the domain of the first performer, whereas the second is in charge of the video part.’

Nika Autor and Miha Ciglar, photo taken from Kontejner

‘Sound is generated mainly through feedback connections of mixing boards. There are three static video cameras in the electronic network, one filming performer number one only the second is focused on performer number two while the third is films both of them together. The video performer has the choice of the video signal presented on a cathodic monitor, which is also part of the network’

‘A Small Contribution to the Genesis of Everyday Life’ performance

‘The radiation from the monitor is a crucial factor concerning the auditory materialization of the piece, since the changing proximity of the audio performer in relation to it changes the electronic current in the instrument and consequentially the sonic output.’

‘Both the audio and the video signal are fed into the video input of the monitor, so a change in audio also affects the content of the video, but merely distorts the images of the live video input. The audio performer can now decide whether he wants to interact (get closer or in touch) with the monitor screen or he can do the same with the video performer.’ (Text by Kontejner taken from the catalogue of Device_art 3.009)

Miha Ciglar performing FeedForwardCinema at Netmage 08

Nika Autor (1982, Maribor) studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. During her studies, she participated in two exchange programs at : Satakunta Polytechnic Fine Art Kankaanpaa, in Finland (2005) and University of Fine Arts Poznan in Poland during 2006.

Nika Autor in Fictive situations

The focus of her work is on the relation of the artist to his everyday environment. Nika is engaged in film and video, painting, graphics, photography, etc. She has exhibited her works in many national and international galleries and art festivals. (Sutor’s bio taken from Device_art 3.009 catalogue)

Miha Ciglar is an audio engineer and sound artist, working at the intersection of art and technology. In 2009 he obtained his MSc degree at the Institute for Electronic Music (IEM) – www.iem.at. Since 2001 he has performed his own compositions for various acoustic instruments, electro-acoustical performances, interactive dance performances, computer music and audiovisual installations at many international arts festivals.

Miha Ciglar, photo taken from Kontejner

He is exploring a composition approach where pain is introduced as a central reference for selection and temporal arrangement of sonic objects. By connecting the performer’s (composer’s) body to the electronic circuit of the instrument, or to an electronic instance of the sound that is being generated, he is able to experience the sound in a haptic way, which influences his musical decisions and thus generates rather unconventional results.

His recent artistic work is focused on the design of new interfaces for musical expression, experimenting with interaction concepts based on real-time gesture (motion sequence) recognition. In his research work from the field of Music Information Retrieval, he is exploring the practical implementation of different timbre analysis techniques. (Ciglar’s bio taken from: ciglar.mur.at)

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