Maker Faire’s eTextile Fashion Show

May 11, 2010

Body Pixel’s friend eTextile Fashionista or, as one blogger entitled her lately – Neuro Fashion artist, Lynne Bruning invites you to show your wearable technology work at the eTextile Fashion Show, which is going to be on view on 22nd of May in Fiesta Hall Stage, in San Mateo – California.

Kristin Neidlinger: Galvanic Extimacy Responder

Lynne is the producer of the exhibition (for those of us who live in the old hooker Europe, well… we call this position – curator. Frankly, I like more the word – producer!). The event is a part of Maker Faire Bay Area 2010 event hosted by Make Zine… Featured artists are Aniomagic, Grace Kim, LulieVision, Shannon Henry, Kristin Neidlinger

Aniomagic‘s ingredients

Here is excerpt from press material…


Maker Faire Presents its First Wearable Computing Fashion Show

As technology becomes ever more interwoven with our daily lives, innovative means of interface blur the lines between computers, textiles and fashion.

The Soft Electric by Grace Kim

Maker Faire and Lynne Bruning come together to create a fashion show that fuses tech and fashion, function and form, reality and possibility.

On Saturday 22 May fashion designers, engineers and makers will join forces to present a Maker Fair original: An eTextile, smart clothing and wearable computing fashion show.

Bats Have Feelings Too! by Lynne Bruning, photo: Carl Snider

date: Saturday 22 May 2010
time: 3:00 p.m.
location: Fiesta Hall Stage
producer:  Lynne Bruning
contact:, 720-272-0956

You can read more details about the concept on talk2myshirt or pick up official press PDF’s at wearable technology group on friendfeed

Maker Faire

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May 12, 2010 @ 3:23 pm

Very Sweet design! I love these Badman kite so much.

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