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July 19, 2010

Remember the articles on textile art that covered artists who took part at Balkan Fiber Art and Remade – Art service 2 (Sremski Karlovci & Belgrade, Serbia)? Well, now you can also find them in the 1st issue of Punkt Magazine, publication of Punctum for art experiment, published in Belgrade.
punkt_1.jpgThis bilingual publication presents not only those two projects, but also Renovation – Art Service 1. The project was realized in 2008 in the Gallery of Ethnographical Museum and in Cultural Center Rex, and was based on interaction between public and artists.


People were asked to bring their old clothes that is in need for artistic renovation – by the use of embroidery, coloring and application of different fabrics, these garments became new objects ready to wear.


This 1st workshop paved the way of the following event – Remade Art Service 2, organized in 2009 in ULUPUDS Small Gallery. This time, public was called to bring their old socks, stockings and tights for textile recycling, which resulted in a colorful and fantastic wearable objects.


The project also included presentation by Milos Tomic Let somebody stop me, and the exhibition of produced artworks. In October and November 2009 Remade Art Service 2 participated at the International Kaunas Textile Art Biennial in Lithuania.


One more event was organized by Punctum, in collaboration with National Library of Serbia, and presented in the publication – Book Art Object, held in December 2008 / January 2009 in Belgrade. ‘Project was created in order to promote and support every unconventional approach to the specific artistic topic addressing books-objects, books-installations, authorial artistic and experimental books. The result of this project is the international exhibition of works submitted to the open competition, as well as of the works of the invited artists.’


Besides texts about all the artists who participated at Balkan Fiber Art and Remade Art Service 2, written by myself and yours and only Deborah, publication presents interesting views on this specific, and unfortunately rear, practice of participative textile art: ‘On pleasure of participation’ by Bojana Popovic MA, senior curator, Department of Contemporary Applied Arts – ‘…Willingness to focus action on personal belongings of members of the public requiring no particular understanding of contemporary artistic phenomena as a prerequisite for the ability to experience the joy of creation and its ‘usefulness’ permeates these public actions.


The Punctum’s project ‘opens up the hearts’ of many (including curators at museums and galleries), wherever they may be…in Belgrade, Zrenjanin, or Poland…’


One really specific perspective is given by Vesna Vuksa, Gestalt psychotherapist, on ‘Gestalt and (Punctum for art) experiment – ‘… Being in contact, exchanging and unfolding a space between YOU and ME, a whole new world emerges where reparation / healing and change may occur. MINE becomes YOURS, and then through co-creation – OURS, and then MINE again, but now bigger and ennobled, just like the whole is always different and richer than its constituent parts…’

Jovanka Broz

There is one more unique contribution, given by Danijela Velimirovic MA, Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, University of Belgrade, ‘From theatre of wastefulness to the theatre of modesty: Clothing of Jacqueline Kennedy and Jovanka Broz – ‘…Differences in consumer capacities of two women in equal social positions were conditioned by different lifestyles nurtured in Capitalism and Socialism.

Jacqueline Kennedy

Since lifestyles are based on societal organization of consumption, they differ in systems with different social structure of consumer practice. Socialist societies did not nurture wastefulness, ostentation and aesthetic signs of social distinction. Conversely, they promoted mediocrity and decency under the banner of ‘kulturnost’….

Nena Skoko and Milena Ristic

This publication would not be possible without two extraordinary ladies, editorial board – Nena Skoko and Milena Ristic, who are first of all socially responsible artists, and wonderful human beings, dedicated to bring art to public and to promote this practice in towns and cities at home and abroad.

(Ivana Podnar is a co-blogger on Body Pixel)

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