DanceWriter 2.0 installation by Typotheque

September 15, 2010

DanceWriter (2007) is an interesting online tool that converts text into simple dance moves. Meaning, you can create your own choreography by typing something – a message or by random clickin’ at the keyboard…



Dancer from the Netherlands Dance Theater makes letters of Karel Teige’s Abeceda for the interactive part of the software programmed by Bart van der Ploeg & Edwin de Kooning (Resolume). The ‘choreo-typography’ has been choreographed by Lukas Timulak, whilst the whole idea belongs to Peter Bilak. The reference is very interesting if you just dig a little bit through the etymology of the words choreography and typography.


DanceWriter 2.0

DanceWriter project is only one among many typography explorations by Typotheque collective from The Netherlands.

As a follow up to this online project, Typotheque have created a different version titled DanceWriter 2.0 which was exhibited in 2009 as installation at Experimenta in Lisbon. This time Valentina Scaglia danced all letters.


DanceWriter 2.0

Of course, the project still targets the wider internet audience, cause you can type a message in the programme and send it to you friends via e-mail.

DanceWriter 2.0 installation (2009)

Video by Taco Zwaanswijk

DanceWriter 2.0 during processing

DanceWriter 2.0 installation

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