Fluid cinema: Fukalata – Forbidden_places

November 17, 2010

Tikul ain’t a stranger to this blog here… This chilling artwork whose concept and sound made me somehow feeling rather natural and literary ‘down to Earth’ on one dark Autumn evening…

The combination of low techniques (read: simple material) and minimal body movements makes ‘Forbidden_places’ deeply sophisticated, especially accompanied with the sound of the Polish duo Fuku Lata that ‘dances’ at the edges of electronica, psychedelia and post-rock soundz…


‘soft : toxic : liquidity : creature : nature : interaction : // jelly-fish sperm in the forest lake.. / cocooning sensory / foam at the mouth on a picnic day / toilet roll cum filled wipes left to wonder together as one loveless entity after an outdoors orgy //* stoned doped loaded lost on high haunted mutated anaerobe bride…’

sound: fukalata
the dream: brenda lee dvd + tikul
motion / body: tikul
camera: jendrek
dop’s/art d/creative dope: tik + jendrek
costume: tikul / eve fainke*
editing: tikul + jendrek
post-pro: jendrek

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