Body cinema: Chrysalis by Wayne McGregor

March 3, 2011

Wayne McGregor has been lately probably the most mentioned and referred choreographer on Body Pixel. His work ‘Dyad 1909 (In The Spirit Of Diaghilev)’ was also featured in Body cinema during February, 2010.

It’s time to present Wayne McGregor’s 2002 Chrysalis video dance , made in the production of my favorite Arte TV channel. Mr McGregor dances in Chrysalis too.


Photos: Excerpts from  Chrysalis featuring Wayne McGregor
Random Dance Company & Arte (c)

About the film:
‘Chrysalis , choreographed and performed by Wayne McGregor and his Random dancers is a barrage of special effects, the result is a disturbing mêlée of futurism to a score of the same kind as horror films. McGregor plays the part of a half insect, half metal-head-plated human, slithering around in a bath, wired up to futuristic technological devices that seem to give us an insight into his thought processes. We are taken into the luminarium of his mind, where scantily clad figures dance amidst dirty plastic sheeting to a cacophony of sound – squeals, drum and base and electronic sound, interspersed with anatomical diagrams of the human brain.’ (Text by Katie Philips (c), 2003, taken from

Chrysalis, Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The End

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