Readoholic: E-books on Pd – Pure Data

March 16, 2011

Arduino microprocessors could be programmed and used not only with a synonymous software, but with Pd – Pure Data and Max/Msp programs for graphical interface in audio & multimedia processing and interactive music usage.

Hence, I’ve decided to include in Readoholic few electronic books (and tutorials) about Pd – Pure Data, which is an open source project created and programmed by Miller Puckette (author of Max, too).


Working flow in Pd – Pure Data

Miller Puckette: The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music, 2007

Johannes Kreidler: Programming Electronic Music in Pd, 2009

bang. Pure Data – Reader, 2006


Pure Data Manual at Floss Manuals or grab the PDF directly here

David Benson: Music: a Mathematical Offering

Andy Farnell: Designing Sound – Abridget PDF (Pd intro), 2010

Pure Data Lectures and Presentations from 1st International Pd~Convention 04 (PDF)

Pd Documentation (html)

Building Your Own Instrument Using Pd (via Cornell Electroacoustic Music Center)

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