Body cinema: _1minute69_ – B0DYSC4PES live performance

May 25, 2011

I got earlier today _1minute69_‘s video clip from their latest performance B0DYSC4PES, presented few days ago at the LMP – Live Performers Meeting in Rome, that gathers live video performers, visual artists and VJs.

_1minute69_ is ‘an artist collective created by french digital media enthusiasts who share ideas and approaches on collaborative works. Bound by a common will to give the audience a playful experience through immersive and/or interactive universes, the collective artists develop pieces based on the grounds of illusion and representation, in the forms of performances, audiovisual installations, architectural projections and video stage designs.’


Photo: from B0DYSC4PES live performance by _1minute69_ (c)

Beside performative, exhibitional and installation projects, _1minute69_ also does a lot of workshops, so be sure check regularly their website, in case they might visit your neighborhood.

_1minute69_ – B0DYSC4PES

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