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October 5, 2011

Of course, you do remember my blog post about ‘Artduino presents you Arduino’ workshop from this May, do you?! Sure you do. 🙂 Well, the thing I’m announcing here is that we got a space from the organizers of the workshop – The Culture of Change & Student Centre shortly after the workshop successfully ended.

During the summer we were quite focused on applying programs to various grants for the next year, as well as planing activities we will have till the end of this year. The core of people from the Arduino workshop stayed together around the idea of making, learning and sharing something.


Photo above: I’MM_ logo by Hrvoje Hirsl (c)
Photo bellow: Scene from the poolloop’s SGMK OpenLab – Swiss Mechatronic Art Society (cc),  on the photo workshop participant Claude Treptow, published with his permission

At the moment we are refurbishing our hacklab, and in few weeks we will officially start with our program.

I’MM_ is consisted of three frames: a) hacklab, b) open workshops (domestic and international instructors, hackers, artists), c) media lab (theory and curatorial practices, international lecturers).

The story about the beginnings of I’MM_ Media lab is waved around the workshop situations, as a chain reaction. During Joanna van der Zanden’s curatorial workshop ‘More MM’ (held in January), a workshop that emphasized the revitalization of the cult MM hall based in Student Centre, one project has arisen and that was the idea by designer Hrvoje Hirsl on organizing an Arduino workshop in the spaces of MM.

He titled the project I’MM_ which we later accepted as the name of our Media lab. In order to get best thingz in new media art and DIY open source scene, we divided the program making into workshop and theory parts. Hrvoje is responsible for getting the best of theory guests and me for the workshop guests.


Scene from Artduino presents you Arduino workshop

Hence, the first international workshop guest during October in our lab will be Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr from Hackteria, with whom I had a chance to work with in Ljubljana this Spring, and interviewed him for Body Pixel.  In November we are expecting writer and media artist Fran Ilich to give a lecture for our theory program. The next season will be a real gem with 5 workshops and 2 lectures all in the fields of internet archiving, electronics, hacking, sound art, the internet of things, advanced Arduino programming and, of course, wearable technology.

Here is the announcement for Marc’s workshop:
Hackteria DIY biolab
hackteria | Open Source Biological Art

Workshop leader: Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr
Dates: 21, 22, 23 October
Place: I’MM_ hacklab, Savska 25, Zagreb

21.10. talk in the evening for those who just want to hear but not make by Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr (Open Source Biological Art), Deborah Hustic aka body pixel (Scientific Couture & Wearable Technology)
22. and 23.10. two days of hands on biohacking, full day program, starts at 12:00

Overview: Introduction into simple methods of biohacking, do-it-yourself biology and creative methods at the art|sci interface focusing on living systems. How to build generic lab infrastructures using hacked consumer electronics and recycled kitchen hardware. Insight into biological time- and lengthscales, methods of tissue culture and bacterial jewelry. Bio-Digital interfacing of living systems to open hard- and software.

Max Participants: 12

Target Audience: Hackers, Artists, Tinkerers, Scientist, Educators and Amateurs. No previous knowledge needed, just an enthusiasm to learn and work with living systems in a creative and reflected manner.

For more info on our activities check I’MM_ F-book page

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