This blog needs a new life

August 5, 2014

Hi there, long time no see! If you’re reading this it’s probably because you were subscribed long time ago to the RSS feed of my beloved blog (at the time when the internet was full of stories on Web 2.0 cultures). I liked a lot doing it for years, it gave me lots of opportunities for self expression, then I switched more to practice related DIY / DIWO hacking and open source – maker scene, which eventually led to stopping my frequent blogging activities. But that was really long time ago…

At this point I’m not sure yet what to do with it, except that I know for sure I want to use this space for my current work, actually for any work. So, blog is here, blogger is back, but don’t expect the same content you were used to before. Not like magazine or something, more like really my personal notebook space… thanks for understanding, but this blog seriously needs a new life.


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