Balkan Fibre Art ’08 – gallery VIII

September 29, 2009

During Balkan Fibre Art workshop Isolde Venrooy was doing embroidery on the paper. Actually what she did is a completely reverse of stitching – the pattern is produced by cutting out small pieces of paper. Picture from the newspapers suddenly became a new comb like, fragile structure with greatly different effects…


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Balkan Fibre Art ’08 – gallery VII

August 29, 2009

I’m presenting you Silja Puranen‘s ‘Tatoos’, produced at the Balkan Fiber Art workshop. The idea of her artwork was the contrast of reality and dream, of our own everyday skin and the imagined one, the skin of celebrities seen on TV and in magazines. She used secondhand clothes as the metaphor of unglamorous life and then applied parts of human body tattooed with desired pattern that symbolizes the splendor of star’s life.


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Balkan Fibre Art ‘08 – gallery VI

August 13, 2009

On the Balkan Fibre Art workshop Michaela Padeva was creating paper artwork ‘Body as a Dress of Soul’, whose form was following the shape of crinoline and pattern was an assemblage of paper cuts and wooden branches.

MICHAELA_PADEVA___1.jpg‘Body as a Dress of Soul’ by Michaela Padeva (c)

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Balkan Fibre Art ’08 – gallery V

May 4, 2009

During the Balkan Fibre Art workshop Grazyna Brylewska created an artwork named ‘Happy New Year’. It’s composed of three parts: prints of enlarged details of human skin with spots embroidered with pink thread, relief-like pink structures and small pink elephants.

The connection between those parts is actually a metaphor of the irony of life – you never know what follows in next 12 months after you wish somebody a happy new year.


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