About me

by deborah on 02/5/2008

Body Pixel is a place where I’m writing about thingz in art, culture and technology that totally turn me on. Some of the thingz are body related stuff.

Body Pixel is my online living room… a kind of a terrace where I’m sitting in flip flops, drinking coffee / ginger tea and enjoying some cool stuff… But you can also catch me at some other networkz which are listed in the Contact section.
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Photo by Borko Vukosav, Courtesy of Galženica Gallery, cc 2.5

Deborah Hustic is founder of Body Pixel Studio and Textil{e}tronics.org, Project manager and curator of NGO for Development of DIY Culture –  Radiona in Zagreb, Croatia. She is into open source hardware, wearable technology and electronics as artist, curator and blogger.

She has taken part in numbers of festivals, exhibitions and conferences concerning DIY/DIWO electronics, intermedia art, new media and internet culture, as well as delved the development of education via workshops, through what is called the workshopology concept. She lives and works in Zagreb. Member of MMessy Oscillators – band for experimental electronica.

Body Pixel has been selected for the final presentation (15 projects) in the category Creativity and Social Media, among 600 competitors, 1000 entries at the largest technology event in the world in the areas of Innovation, Creativity, Science and Digital Entertainment – the Campus Party 2011 in Granada, Spain.