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Interview with Srikanth Kolari, part 1: Colours of India in B&W photography


Srikanth Kolari aka Sri is an emerging photographer from India with a strong sense for social issues and amazing eye for sharping these moments through the camera viewfinder… I’m very happy to have Sri as the first interviewed photographer on Body Pixel…

srikanth_kolari_1.jpgPhoto: Srikanth Kolari (c)

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Interview with Guillermo Gomez Pena: You know, I worship the imagination!


Among many film, dance and art festivals in Croatia, Queer Zagreb is also a blogger friendly oriented festival. Thanks to their understanding of the media, I had the opportunity to interview one amazing performance artist and poet, Guillermo Gomez Pena

I interviewed him a month ago after his performance with La Pocha Nostra… for this occasion, Body Pixel co-blogger Ivana also joined me for the interview with Guillermo…

GuillermoGomezPena1.jpgPhoto: Zach Gross (c)

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Google Baby – Rent me a Womb, Baby?


Documentary Google Baby (2009) by film maker Zippi Brand Frank deals with birth outsourcing among three countries: Israel, USA and India. It involves business, technology (computers and human bodies) and a bunch of paradoxes.


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Body cinema: …and Counting by Wafaa Bilal


Wafaa Bilal‘s concept of body marking as a subtly cruel marking and flesh ‘n’ blood IMing is one of the most authentic artworks that I’ve seen lately. Bilal directly and uncompromisingly brings forward political facts that are in constant repetition.

…and Counting‘ by Wafaa Bilal, Photo by Brad Farwell

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Body cinema: The Cost of Living by DV8 Physical Theatre


I blogged about dance film ‘The cost of Living’ (2004) by DV8 Physical Theatre almost two years ago, What dance could be… in DV8 and David Toole’s vision… and I still admire Lloyd Newson’s choreography. Hence, for today’s Body cinema screening I’ve picked up for you exactly this film.


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