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Pocket cinema: Documentaries and vintage footage on Helen Keller


One of the rare situations when I’m neither┬ástuck, nor┬áspeechless… but in minimalistic mood… I simply can’t write an intro about Helen Keller… cuz she speaks for herself more than I can possibly express…


Helen Keller as a child, August 1886
Taken from the American Foundation for the Blind

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Readoholic: In Praise of Copying by Marcus Boon


Thanks to Pixel Pain I caught up earlier today great information about the new book titled In Praise of Copying by Marcus Boon, published by Harvard University Press… It’s fresh, new, free and you can practically sense the smell of ink and paper while you’re reading this post, right?

It has been awhile since I published a blog post in Readoholic, I know… But I’m terrible glad that with this post I’m not just cleaning the dust from my digital shelves…


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