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Interview with Stefanie Wuschitz, part 2: Don’t scare of technology, dismantle it!


This is the second part of the interview with Stefanie Wuschitz. Read the first part here: On Women, Technology and Hacking Playground


Photo above by Selena Savic @Make Me Festival (cc)
Photo bellow: Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory with sound artist Lesley Flanigan
Taken from Stefanie’s private F-book album

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The Power of Thread, part 1: Ksenija Baraga – gallery


Exhibition The Power of Thread (2010) features five Slovene contemporary textile artists: Ksenija Baraga, BelaBela – Jana Mrsnik & Vesna Stih, Eta Sadar Breznik and Anda Klancic.

The project has been curated by Ksenija Baraga and currently could be seen at the Ecomusee Textile de Haute-Alsace in France.We are happy to announce that all artists gave as permission to present their works from this exhibition on Body Pixel. Enjoy the power of sculptural textile arts!


Hanging on the String by Ksenija Baraga, 2008, (c)

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Interview with Kontejner, part 2: Technology and conceptualism walking along…


This is a continuation of the interview with Kontejner. Read the first part here: Body norms in art and science


DB Indos – House of Extreme Music Theater: Doors (c)
Photo taken from Kontejner

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Remade Artservis # 3 – Global Pop Pixel


In 2010 textile artist from Serbia Nena Skoko organized a 3rd edition of Remade Artservis workshop, opening gallery space to new art investigations on recycling and participatory creativeness. From 26th October till 1st November ladies and gents were making art on the theme Global Pop Pixel.


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