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Interview with Stefanie Wuschitz, part 2: Don’t scare of technology, dismantle it!


This is the second part of the interview with Stefanie Wuschitz. Read the first part here: On Women, Technology and Hacking Playground


Photo above by Selena Savic @Make Me Festival (cc)
Photo bellow: Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory with sound artist Lesley Flanigan
Taken from Stefanie’s private F-book album

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Body cinema: Body, Motion and Liquids in the Eyes of Bart Hess


The use of different materials with dance movements combined then with the chemistry of nature is something that fascinates me a lot in artworkz by Bart Hess, as well as when he works in duo with Lucy McRae, under the name LucyandBart.


Bart Hess: Slime (c)

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Body cinema: _1minute69_ – B0DYSC4PES live performance


I got earlier today _1minute69_‘s video clip from their latest performance B0DYSC4PES, presented few days ago at the LMP – Live Performers Meeting in Rome, that gathers live video performers, visual artists and VJs.

_1minute69_ is ‘an artist collective created by french digital media enthusiasts who share ideas and approaches on collaborative works. Bound by a common will to give the audience a playful experience through immersive and/or interactive universes, the collective artists develop pieces based on the grounds of illusion and representation, in the forms of performances, audiovisual installations, architectural projections and video stage designs.’


Photo: from B0DYSC4PES live performance by _1minute69_ (c)

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Interview with Johannes Birringer, part 2: Connecting analogue and digital technology


This is the second part of the interview with Johannes Birringer. Read the first part here: Interview with Johannes Birringer, part 1 – New media, interactivity and performative arts


Photo above: Johannes Birringer by Glenio Campregher (c), 2008
Photo bellow:  scene from Ukiyo by DAP-Lab (c)
Taken from Dance-Tech

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Pocket cinema: Processing the Signal – documentary


Processing the Signal (1989) is a documentary directed by Marcello Dantas about Video art covering many aspects of the medium: technology, the process, presentation, reception and audience, as well as the narrative aspects.

The film features some of the leading artists of video and media art like Nam June Paik, Bill Viola, Kit Fitzgerald, John Sanborn, Paul Garrin, Zbigniew Rybczinski, to name a few.

Bill Viola: The Messenger (c)

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