Balkan Fibre Art ’08 – gallery lV

February 17, 2009

The title: ‘monday, august 11, 8:45 p.m.’ This is the name of work created by  Gordana Olujic during the workshop.

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Balkan Fibre Art ’08 – gallery lll

January 30, 2009

After introducing Biljana Roman’s artworks, it’s time to present her creative process. From the first knot, clothing plastic doll in rope twists, till the final graceful flow of figures.

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Balkan Fibre Art ’08 – gallery ll

January 9, 2009

During the Balkan Fibre Art Nena Skoko, also one of the main initiators of the whole event, made an intriguing work called ‘Seven Women’s Days’. On the first level it’s humoristic and provoking, but it also reveals some of the crucial elements in female nature – the period is not just a physical process, it also functions on psychological and emotional sphere.

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Balkan Fibre Art ’08 – gallery l

December 25, 2008

So far I presented some of the works of artists that took part in Balkan Fibre Art, but this is an exclusive photo gallery of works produced during the very workshop. Thanks to photos made by textile chicks, you’ll have the chance to see the creative process and the result of it.

I’ll begin with Anda Klancic and her work ‘Cyclus’, made of palm tree bark, felt and chestnuts. Body particles are organized together in an unstable composition on the gallery floor; nearby there was a soul like shape and a bundle of ashes.

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