Remade – Artservis #2

November 6, 2009

Artservis workshops were initiated as the idea of socially engaged art that stepped out of the white box. To be precise, workshop did not completely abandoned art institutions cause they were taking place in museum or gallery space, but they absorbed street public within its frame. All of a sudden you had sacred art rooms filled with crowd that brought old clothes yearning after an art touch.


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Remade – Art Servis 2 workshop

August 18, 2009

Our guest blogger Ivana will have a vibrant Autumn, fulfilled with textile and fibre art. After her successful participating and blogging on last year’s textile colony Balkan Fibre Art in Novi Sad, we have new exciting news to share with you.


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Michaela Padeva – Textile Art From Everyday Parts

August 10, 2009

Textiles and threads varied through ages, from animal skin and hair to subtle silk skins and finest brocade as symbols of luxury, nobility and aesthetics. The process came to its most subversive outcome in the nylon, fake leather, and other plastic and artificial materials that marked a new era of textile.

mihaela_padeva_1.jpgLittle Cat Mountain by Michaela Padeva (c)

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Fibre experiments by Biljana Roman

January 27, 2009

Creating in textile usually starts with traditional education, learning all kinds of strict procedures, characters of textile, materials and their qualities; but as every good artists, Biljana Roman escaped all these rules and found her very individualistic expression: three-dimensional tapestries shaped like dome, fibre structures that weightlessly float in the air or hang like a filling without a warp… She’s a truly special weaving lady who’s skilled to wrap you around the finger on a very first sight.

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