The Power of Thread, part 4: Anda Klancic – gallery

May 20, 2011

Anda Klancic was introduced on Body Pixel by my fellow blogger Ivana in her review and the gallery from Balkan Fiber Art event almost three years ago. Anda’s appealing  textile sculptures  have a special place here and we will definitely continue to cover activities by one of the most recognized European contemporary textile artist and the winner of prestigious competitions  around the globe.

For the very end of this gallery, we bring you at the bottom of this blog post complete catalog from the exhibition The Power of Thread readable via Issuu web service. Enjoy!

If not credited all photos by Anda Klancic and Francesco Montenero.


Aura by Anda Klancic  (c)
Production: Arcadia Lightwear

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The Power of Thread, part 1: Ksenija Baraga – gallery

May 16, 2011

Exhibition The Power of Thread (2010) features five Slovene contemporary textile artists: Ksenija Baraga, BelaBela – Jana Mrsnik & Vesna Stih, Eta Sadar Breznik and Anda Klancic.

The project has been curated by Ksenija Baraga and currently could be seen at the Ecomusee Textile de Haute-Alsace in France.We are happy to announce that all artists gave as permission to present their works from this exhibition on Body Pixel. Enjoy the power of sculptural textile arts!


Hanging on the String by Ksenija Baraga, 2008, (c)

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Balkan Fibre Art ’08 – gallery l

December 25, 2008

So far I presented some of the works of artists that took part in Balkan Fibre Art, but this is an exclusive photo gallery of works produced during the very workshop. Thanks to photos made by textile chicks, you’ll have the chance to see the creative process and the result of it.

I’ll begin with Anda Klancic and her work ‘Cyclus’, made of palm tree bark, felt and chestnuts. Body particles are organized together in an unstable composition on the gallery floor; nearby there was a soul like shape and a bundle of ashes.

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Sunshine through lace – Anda Klancic’s delicate touch

October 15, 2008

Balkan Fibre Art colony introduced to me one more beautiful textile artist, Anda Klancic, the master of bright light and thin fibers. Anda’s work is first of all about delicacy and gentleness, which result after a hard and long hand labor.

People usually say that dog owners start to look like their dogs if they spend enough time together; well, the same thought comes to your mind after a few moments of looking at Anda and her lace/embroidery work, transparent sculpture or fine jewelry. Optimism, joy, contemplation, peacefulness…

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