Body cinema: The Human Animal by Desmond Morris

February 3, 2010

Documentary series The Human Animal by ethnologist and zoologist Desmond Morris have always been magnet for wider audience. Made during the 1990’s his series (same as his books) about human body and the cultural differences are great resources which from time to time I like to watch again.

desmond_morris.jpgPhoto above by Steve Pyke (c), photo bellow taken from

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Body cinema: Visions Of The Future

August 20, 2009

BBC documentary series ‘Visions Of The Future’ hosted by Michio Kaku is still very intriguing to see. Mr. Kaku is the main popularizer of science and renowned futurist whose calm voice introduces you to some major topics on human future in the context of  robotics, biotechnology and human evolution.

Michio_Kaku_Metropolis.jpgPhoto on the top: Michio Kaku with robot Asimo, BBC (c)

Photo bellow: excerpt from Fritz Lang‘s film Metropolis (c)

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