The Power of Thread, part 4: Anda Klancic – gallery

May 20, 2011

Anda Klancic was introduced on Body Pixel by my fellow blogger Ivana in her review and the gallery from Balkan Fiber Art event almost three years ago. Anda’s appealing  textile sculptures  have a special place here and we will definitely continue to cover activities by one of the most recognized European contemporary textile artist and the winner of prestigious competitions  around the globe.

For the very end of this gallery, we bring you at the bottom of this blog post complete catalog from the exhibition The Power of Thread readable via Issuu web service. Enjoy!

If not credited all photos by Anda Klancic and Francesco Montenero.


Aura by Anda Klancic  (c)
Production: Arcadia Lightwear

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Material dancing with bodies: Tape Installation – Numen / For Use

June 24, 2010

I blogged about Design Company Numen / For Use almost more then a year, back then I’ve covered their lighting mirror box titled Numen / light.

Tape Installation, Numen / For Use (c)

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Barbwired by Ewelina Aleksandrowicz

February 19, 2010

Synergies among objects, bodies and entities are getting more and more interest among performers, choreographers and wearable technology creativez…

Ewelina Aleksandrowitz & Andrzej Wojtas

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Stoll & Wachall duo enjoying visual kinetics

November 4, 2008

Back to the Platform of Young Choreographers! I still have some unfinished thoughts on stuff I saw back than…

While I was at the presentation of video installation with excerpts of dance piece MISCHAderFALL, choreographed by Bernard Baumgarten and re-mixed by video artists Stoll & Wachall because of the atmospheric mood and drone sounds I had a re-re-re-thinking echo several days after I saw it.

Photo: Stoll&Wachall (c) from Mit Allen Fünf Fingern Der Augen read more …