Body cinema: Pawel Dudzinski – Butoh Dancer

November 2, 2010

As a follow up to my previous review of Incantation documentary, I’m bringing you few video shootages from Butoh performances by Pawel Dudzinski…


Pawel Dudzinski
Photo above taken from (c)
Photo bellow taken from: (c)

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Incantatio – old school Butoh

Tomek Wysokinski’s art documentary Incantatio on Polish Butoh dancer Pawel Dudzinski will be my first reviewing from Zagreb Film Festival 2010 edition.


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Body cinema: straitjacket ‘butoh’ dance/ by tikul

February 20, 2010

While I blogged about ‘barbwired‘ project I have stumbled on video… more like a sketch by Vimeo user tikul. I’m hoping that tikul won’t be angry on me because I’m posting now ‘straitjacket ‘butoh’ dance/’ video here…


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Marija Scekic’s butoh labyrinths

August 22, 2009

Marija Scekic is a contemporary dancer from Croatia who can be characterized as ‘a performer with guts’. Her strong and authentic concentration on the stage is a result of heavy bodily education and physical predisposition.

marija_scekic_shadow_1.jpgPhoto: Sandra Vitaljic (c)

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