Interview with Aleksa Gajic, part 2: Flowing imagination and science inspiration

January 5, 2011

This is the second part of the interview with Aleksa Gajic. Read the first part here: Rendering spaces, drawing stories

Photo above: Aleksa Gajic by Davor Durinic (c)
Taken from Goran Sudzuka’s blog
Photo bellow: Technotize: Edit and I

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Interview with Aleksa Gajic, part 1: Rendering spaces, drawing stories

Here is my next guest from Funny Comics Show 2010! Serbian comic book artist and animator Aleksa Gajic… Beside being a respectful international comic book artist, illustrator and video maker, Aleksa launched in 2009 his first feature-lenght animated film ‘Technotize: Edit and I‘.

Technotize has been warmly accepted by the audience and critics in the whole South East European region, not only because of shared memories, but because it showed that with passion and persistence ideas with smaller budget than you would expect can arise on the horizon.

Photo above: Aleksa Gajic
Photo bellow: ‘Technotize: Edit and I’

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Readoholic: Steve Lieber’s comic book Underground

November 6, 2010

While I’m preparing myself for few interviews to be made in the afternoon at the Funny Comics Show, here is one recommended free comic by respectful comic book artist Steve Lieber in collaboration with Jeff Parker entitled Underground

I’ve stumbled on his comic while reading articles at Shareable portal, more precisely Malcolm Harris’s post ‘Pirates as Promoters: The Story of A Theft Gone Right‘ caught my eye…


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Lavanderman – Croatian Comic Book Hero

October 12, 2010

Lavanderman is an authentic Croatian comic book hero created by Vanco Rebac and Toni Faver. And what makes Lavanderman different from all other heroes, my friendz? Well, Superman, Silver Surfer, Batman, Spiderman and the rest of ‘super hero crew’ scattered around the space are his cousins and relatives abroad…


Lavanderman by Vanco Rebac & Toni Faver (c)

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