Interview with Enrique Badia Romero: On Modesty Blaise and Axa

January 25, 2011

Hello, we are the Funny Comics Show Festival from Zagreb! In our country we call ourselves Crtani Romani Show, and we like it. We are glad to be exclusive bloggers on this occasion at Body Pixel presenting you the interview we did with master Romero, the creator of unforgettable comic book characters Modesty Blaise and Axa.

This interview has been made during audience talk with Enrique Badia Romero and with significant contributions from the audience. Funny Comics Show Festival says a big THANK YOU to all! (and Deborah said to add on her behalf this: AAAAAH, this is the last interview covering CRS 2010… it was a rather exciting edition, see you next year!).


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Interview with Stan Sakai: The Artist and his Samurai

December 29, 2010

Stan Sakai certainly owns a black belt in comic book mastery… The creator of Usagi Yojimbo – the rabbit samurai was during November one of the guests of the Funny Comics Show Festival in Zagreb. There we talked a little bit about his artworks, characters, techniques, influences and Japanese heritage…


Stan Sakai and his rabbit samurai Usagi Yojimbo

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Interview with Howard Chaykin: Jazzy narratives and stylish colour-blindness

December 14, 2010

Howard Chaykin is my first interviewed comic book artist from this year’s edition of Funny Comic Show Festival, held in November in Zagreb. I grabbed some of his time after two days seminar on comic book labour, he led at the beginning of the festival.

Chaykin is considered among experts as one of the most innovative storytellers, influenced by jazz and politics, but always on the edgy side of controversy during the history of comic books.


Photo above: Howard Chaykin (taken from F-book)
Photo bellow: American Flagg!, First Comics (c)

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Readoholic: Steve Lieber’s comic book Underground

November 6, 2010

While I’m preparing myself for few interviews to be made in the afternoon at the Funny Comics Show, here is one recommended free comic by respectful comic book artist Steve Lieber in collaboration with Jeff Parker entitled Underground

I’ve stumbled on his comic while reading articles at Shareable portal, more precisely Malcolm Harris’s post ‘Pirates as Promoters: The Story of A Theft Gone Right‘ caught my eye…


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