Retro computer games for corporeality questions – Bong

July 17, 2010

Following my previous post on freestyle football, check William Linn’s device art work Bong (2009) based on retro computer games and their use in media art, as well as from the corporeality point of view.   The concept is very interesting, especially in the context of comparability with Nintendo Wii Sports and similar iPhone & iPod & iPad applications.

William Linn: Bong, photo by Kontejner (c)

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Pocket cinema: Digital Nation – Life on the Virtual Frontier by Douglas Rushkoff

April 5, 2010

Digital Nation – Life on the Virtual Frontier (2009 – 2010) is a documentary film by Douglas Rushkoff that thematizes the media issues in the context of our virtual lives, tech development, networking and multitasking.

This documentary is not made for infinite or final answers but to open a wider debate on the influence of technology and the internet on our lives.


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Even sheep have a social life…

April 23, 2009

A project that recently really made my day was ‘A Social Dictionary – Introduction to Some basic Terms Based on a Sheep and a Circle’ by designer Nenad Jalsovec aka 16×16.

It’s a self-initiated project from 2007 which was exhibited on Croatian Design Exhibition 0708 (an Icograda endorsed project)  in 2008; and seen at, recently closed, Zagreb Salon – ‘Anti-Design / Permanent Alternatives’ exhibition .

Social-dictionary-1_1.jpgSocial dictionary by Nenad Jalsovec (c)

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