Interview with Mika Fukumori: On Ototenji and IAMAS

November 25, 2009

Before I’m going to start with individual presentations from this year’s edition of Device_art 3.009, held last month in Zagreb, I owe you few wordz on the concept and origins from the organizers of the festival, Kontejner – bureau of contemporary art praxis.

mika_fukumori_ototenji.jpgMika Fukumori: Ototenji

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The Undiscovered Letter

September 10, 2009

Raise hand who doesn’t like Moleskine notebooks… No candidates?! Well, yeah! I think we all like them… These notebooks are really unique piece of design, functionality and antiquity in one product.

The Undiscovered Letter by M. Bagic, L. Kovacevic and D. Serdarev (c)

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Binarykatwalk v.02a – Update

May 11, 2009

A new updated version of  gallery Binarykatwalk for new media art has been launched last week… Cyber spheres getting a concept space for experimental digital work….

The concept of Binarykatwalk is ‘boiled’ around presentational concept where each edition will feature artists ‘from different points in the spectrum of new media’ under the motto The Line of Influence.

War_in_Yu.jpgWar in Yu by Vuk Cosic (c)

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Even sheep have a social life…

April 23, 2009

A project that recently really made my day was ‘A Social Dictionary – Introduction to Some basic Terms Based on a Sheep and a Circle’ by designer Nenad Jalsovec aka 16×16.

It’s a self-initiated project from 2007 which was exhibited on Croatian Design Exhibition 0708 (an Icograda endorsed project)  in 2008; and seen at, recently closed, Zagreb Salon – ‘Anti-Design / Permanent Alternatives’ exhibition .

Social-dictionary-1_1.jpgSocial dictionary by Nenad Jalsovec (c)

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