Swedish short dance films online

October 13, 2009

During the recently ended Platform of Young Choreographers within the official programme were presented films from the selection of Swedish short dance films entitled Dance Screen Sweden — the New Mix.

swedish_dance_films.jpgExcerpt from Erika Janunger’s film Weightless (c)

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Darlene Delbecq’s kaleidoscopic and steampunk photography

October 20, 2008

Sometimes I really like small ‘pocket’ photography exhibitions, especially if they present photographer’s particular cycle, because you can sharpen your view, your perception and, somehow it forces you to immerse deeply into the idea…

In the age when everything is being so procurable via the net, it’s a little bit strange when you find out that there aren’t many web sites covering the career of such an interesting photographer as Darlene Delbecq.

Photo: Eyeglasses by Darlene Delbecq (c) read more …

Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten you seatbelts, please… Because Komikaze are landing into your backyard!

February 22, 2008

One of the coolest comix collective coming from Croatia and, what I call, Balcanica Vulgaris Region, absolutely without a proper competition are = Komikaze. Dunno when it happened exactly that I got attached with their, as critics like to say, ‘brut’ art aesthetics… I think it’s connected with my passion for printed fanzines and magazines… read more …