Body cinema: Origami by RJ Muna


Instead of blogging and boring you with some facts from my life, and sharing a story on all reasons why I wasn’t so active here, I will just share some links… It will tell you everything you need to know, and YES! I’m getting back to blogging too.

Few new projects emerged from my blogging activities and this site here: running Body Pixel Studio as my personal hacklab and playground;  running I’MM_ Media lab and hacker space in Zagreb with lovely people interested in open source hardware and DIY electronics; and now in the centre of my focus Textil{e}tronics .org for production, curating, workshops, lectures, collaborations and similar activities.


Screenshot from Origami by RJ Muna (c)

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Body cinema: Metamorphic Rocks – Diegonante’s new video dance


Diegonante is an old friend of PCB blog… this is his third video dance within Body cinema section… his latest video features great Japanese dancer & choreographer Yuko Kaseki and Russian performer Dee Mee Tree jointly with fashion designer Sadak.


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Body cinema: The Cost of Living by DV8 Physical Theatre


I blogged about dance film ‘The cost of Living’ (2004) by DV8 Physical Theatre almost two years ago, What dance could be… in DV8 and David Toole’s vision… and I still admire Lloyd Newson’s choreography. Hence, for today’s Body cinema screening I’ve picked up for you exactly this film.


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Body cinema: Tingel Tangel by Kathryn Ferguson


Short experimental dance film Tingel Tangel by Kathryn Ferguson combines two dancers and a wooden dance machine built to parody the Busby Berkeley style chorus lines of the 1920′s. Dancers and choreographers are performers Paloma Faith and Beatrice Brown.


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Body cinema: Amelia by La La La Human Steps


La La La Human Steps is one of those companies that always left me speechless… Powerful and strong… I find Edouard Locke‘s aesthetic and choreography from the 80′s unsurpassed in many ways even today…  From time to time when I’m really down and tired, I simply go to You Tube  and watch excerpts from Infante c’est destroy (excerpt 1 and 2), Human Sex and New Demons with Louise Lecavalier, simply stunning dancer…

amelia_lalala_human_steps.jpgAmelia by La La La Human Steps (c)

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