Body cinema: Amelia by La La La Human Steps

November 27, 2009

La La La Human Steps is one of those companies that always left me speechless… Powerful and strong… I find Edouard Locke‘s aesthetic and choreography from the 80’s unsurpassed in many ways even today…  From time to time when I’m really down and tired, I simply go to You Tube  and watch excerpts from Infante c’est destroy (excerpt 1 and 2), Human Sex and New Demons with Louise Lecavalier, simply stunning dancer…

amelia_lalala_human_steps.jpgAmelia by La La La Human Steps (c)

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Body cinema: Lodela – experimental dance film

Experimental dance film ‘Lodela’ (1996) by Canadian documentary and experimental film maker Philippe Baylaucq is certainly one of the most successful dance films Canadian cinematography has brought to light after Norman McLaren’s ‘Pas de deux‘ (1968), afterward followed by ‘Amelie’ (2002) which was directed by La La La Human Steps founder and choreographer Edouard Locke.


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Swedish short dance films online

October 13, 2009

During the recently ended Platform of Young Choreographers within the official programme were presented films from the selection of Swedish short dance films entitled Dance Screen Sweden — the New Mix.

swedish_dance_films.jpgExcerpt from Erika Janunger’s film Weightless (c)

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Body cinema: Geistern – video dance

September 7, 2009

Few dayz ago video artist Diego Agullo aka  Diegonante sent me his latest video entitled Geistern, made as collaboration with Dennis Deter and Anja Müller this year in Berlin. I believe you still remember that Diegonante was one of he first video dance artists presented here in Body cinema

Photo: Still from Geistern by D. Deter, A. Müller and D. Agulló (c)

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