Body cinema: Lemeh42, Illusion for movements: A study on choreography

April 26, 2009

Two Italian media artists – Lemeh42, joined their forces in 2005 with an aim to create video art and performance related multimedia artworkz / installations.

Lemeh42 create at the edges of all above mentioned media techniques within their visual procédé combining animation with regular video art meta-narration.

lemeh42.jpgVideo still: Lemeh42 (c)

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Body cinema: Zwischen/Between by Diegonante

April 5, 2009

Diegontante is an ‘undercover name’ of  young videographer and media artist Diego Agullo from Spain. His primarily interest is video dance, a form or ‘movement-based Video work that combines dance with electronically recorded images (video) and is conceived and choreographed for viewing; digitally produced computer images and sound produced using video and/or micro-computers. ‘

‘This avant-garde approach to dance combines dance, film-making and televisual practices. Other terms that are commonly used to describe this kind of work are ‘dance film’, ‘dance on screen’, ‘cine dance’, ‘screen dance’ etc.’ (Glare Media Art Resources definition)

diegonante.jpgVideo still from Zwischen by Diegonante (c)

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Body cinema: Sugar & Snails

March 19, 2009

When I launched the Pocket cinema section on Personal Cyber Botanica, I had in mind to start first with dance films related section, but good documentary films just came into my life… and I couldn’t control it…

So, I owe you a section dedicated to dance and body related films, and here it is: Body cinema section… welcome to the first screening… this is the only section on my blog where pop-corns are not welcomed (sorry!)…

sugar_and_snails.jpgPhoto: Zata Omm Dance Projects (c)

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