Wearable installation Suspension Dimension by Jonathan Wood

December 9, 2010

Data visualization fascinates me, too. People hooked up to wearables sometimes use it as an interesting way to combine garments and illustrative parts or schematic elements used in visual representation of data. It’s an open and creative field for last few years, but basically very old visual technique. It’s almost old as the history of cartography…

Jonathan Wood’s wearable installation Suspension Dimension is an example how you can make an actual object that looks like 3D spacey data visualization… Suspension Dimension was awarded in 2008 at the awe-inspiring  Montana World of WearableArt™ Awards Show in Wellington, New Zealand.


2008 Montana World of WearableArt™ Awards Show
‘Suspension Dimension’ by Jonathan Wood, United Kingdom
Winner of the Wellington International Award
(c) World of WearableArt™ Ltd

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Isolde Venrooy – following her line

September 22, 2009

When thinking about the original principle of life, you think about the journey from beginning to the end, when thinking about the original principle of art, you cannot miss that exact line. Isolde Venrooy follows its different manifestations in her artworks that explore unexpectedness coming out of normality, surprises hidden in habits of perceiving.

I. Venrooy, ‘The Property of Taking up Space’, detail (c)

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Even sheep have a social life…

April 23, 2009

A project that recently really made my day was ‘A Social Dictionary – Introduction to Some basic Terms Based on a Sheep and a Circle’ by designer Nenad Jalsovec aka 16×16.

It’s a self-initiated project from 2007 which was exhibited on Croatian Design Exhibition 0708 (an Icograda endorsed project)  in 2008; and seen at, recently closed, Zagreb Salon – ‘Anti-Design / Permanent Alternatives’ exhibition .

Social-dictionary-1_1.jpgSocial dictionary by Nenad Jalsovec (c)

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